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Kim McDonald

Officer in Effective Control/Director at Alpine Valley Real Estate

Kim McDonald is a hard-working and successful real estate agent in one of the loveliest regions in Victoria.  Over the past 18 years, Kim’s agency – Alpine Valley Real Estate – has sold more than 800 properties . . . Kim herself selling in excess of 500 of them.  Her experience counts for much.  As a long-term local who is fully committed to her community, she offers her clients first-class attention and care coupled with solid advice as to the state of the real estate market right down the valley.

But, how did she get to such a position?  Her reputation was hard won.  This is . . .

Kim’s Story

Kim’s journey from being a young woman seriously keen on working in real estate to becoming the owner of the thriving local agency – Alpine Valley Real Estate – has been the result of an unwavering focus, commitment and energy in pursuit of a goal.

“I’ve always loved property in all its guises, and I wanted to be ‘in it’, she said recently. “It was the dream.”

A self-confessed country-girl living in the Kiewa valley, she went on, “This valley is home.  It’s a beautiful place.  I wanted a career here, so when Dickens Real Estate in Mount Beauty advertised a position as property manager, I contacted Dickens’s director, Rob Moore, and applied for it.

I didn’t get the job!

No, the world didn’t end that day; the dream hadn’t even been dented.

Kim started a home-based conveyancing business and kept in touch with Rob.  Every week . . . every week, she walked into his office and asked, “Have you got a job for me today.”  For months, the answer was no.

Then one day – out of the blue – Rob telephoned Kim.  He offered her the position of Property Manager.  Thrilled beyond belief, she accepted.

Rob commented at the time that he gave her the job, “. . . because you really wanted it.  You were really tenacious.”

With no previous office experience, Kim found herself immediately on a huge learning curve.  “Despite my somewhat shaky letter writing and computer skills,” she admitted, “Rob stuck by me.  For that, I have been forever grateful.”

Kim was determined to be the best that she could be at her new position, and adopted the adage, ‘Knowledge is Power’.  She ran with it . . . flat-out from the start.  She went on,  “I studied, I read and I studied again by sending myself to an innumerable number of courses – all of them designed to increase my knowledge and understanding of this industry that I had fallen in love with.”

Eventually, all that hard work paid off and she qualified for her full License in Real Estate as well as gaining Accreditations in Residential and Commercial Property Management.

Finally, in 2001, Kim was able to buy the business from Dickens Real Estate, and changed the name to the now well-established Alpine Valley Real Estate.  With an office in Mount Beauty, she has found that she offers her clients an un-paralleled advantage when they seek advice about the local market.

“My passion for the job has grown and matured over the years,” she said.

For 36 years, Kim’s love for Mount Beauty, the surrounding area and the local community is undiminished.  When not at work, she spends all her time on her farm with her partner, David, and their animals.

One of Kim’s two gorgeous daughters – both of whom were born and raised in the valley – is soon to give birth to Kim’s first grandchild.

Smiling, she acknowledges a day-by-day sense of growing excitement.

And the job?

“I love it!  Still do!  The dream never died.  It became the reality.”

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Lot 27 Fiddleback Drive

Fiddleback Dr, Tawonga South VIC 3698, Australia



228-230 Kiewa Valley Highway

228-230 Kiewa Valley Highway, Tawonga South VIC 3698, Australia