What do sellers fear most?

It’s no surprise that the most popular way to sell regional residential property is via a private treaty sale. 


In this type of sale, a property is advertised with a set price or a guide that is open to negotiation.


It looks something like this:


You see, there are clear upsides for both buyers and sellers. Yet there can be potential downsides too.


Fortunately, these are something an experienced local agent can help navigate and overcome.


As an agent we handle the negotiations and advise on accepting or declining offers based on the property's value and market expectations.


On the upside, a private treaty makes it easier for a buyer to determine the price and avoid wasting time inspecting properties outside their budget, which makes the eventuality of a sale more likely.


Believe it or not, though, there is one key fear most people have when entering this type of sale.


“What if I list my property for a price that underestimates its value?”


This is where our experience as a local agent really shines!


We have an instant recognition of similar properties in our area and the sale prices that have been achieved.


Along with that, we have a ‘finger on the pulse’ of buyer demand for each property type and style. So, we know first hand what price can realistically be achieved.


The great news, too, is that we’re experts in cultivating a ready pool of buyers. Usually, if multiple buyers are interested, the competition between them can result in higher offers.


You’ll find our track record in selling properties in Mount Beauty and its’ beautiful surrounds is second to none.


Call us today on 03 5754 4999 for your personalised property appraisal and discover why we’re the local agency of choice.