‘Flight Through The Air’

Located in the Kiewa Valley, North East Victoria just a few minutes drive to Mount Beauty is the township of Tawonga. Originally inhabited and used by indigenous peoples for thousands of years, the name Tawonga means ‘flight through the air’ and the stunning Kiewa river which flows through it very accurately translates to ‘sweet water’. The cool river is sublime!

Tawonga’s green landscape is dominated by vast open skies, and commanding views of Mount Bogong and Mount Emu, with few locations not taking advantage of its gorgeous mountain perspective.

The oldest settlement in the Kiewa Valley, pastoralists sought out Tawonga because of its rich pastures and in 1841 the Tawonga pastoral run was owned by James Roberts. In the 1870s it was subdivided for farming and residential development.

Tawonga boasts its own general store, public primary school, Town Hall which first opened in 1880, motel, ski hire shop and restaurants. It is perfectly positioned for a short 5-7 minute drive or moderate bike ride into Tawonga South and Mount Beauty to explore the local area.

The suburb is varied with properties along the highway and up into the hill, many of which take in commanding views of the mountains and surrounding farmland. You’ll generally enjoy larger land size which affords you more privacy and space in your new mountain home.

Tawonga is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the katabatic winds off the hills behind it so at the end of the day you can open your windows and let the fresh mountain air drift in to naturally cool your home.
Make Tawonga your new, much needed escape from the daily grind.


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