Boost your home’s value with this often-overlooked tip


Preparing a property for a successful sale usually emphasises interior improvements, like painting walls and decluttering.


However, landscaping and garden quality hold just as much importance when it comes to enhancing property value.


There’s little doubt the garden is intimately related to the overall appeal of the house, and an attractive garden has the power to influence a buyer's perception of a property.


In fact, landscaping has been demonstrated to hold the potential to increase the value of a property by tens of thousands of dollars.


Multi-award-winning Melbourne landscape designer Paal Grant offers his take on what to focus on when landscaping to add value.


He suggests keeping everything green, pruned and tidy, adding fresh mulch, and watering and feeding all plants, stressing that freshly laid turf at the front of a home makes a world of difference.


Grant also recommends not being afraid ripping things out if they are not working.


Irrespective of the size of the home, we find that buyers are looking to have a usable outdoor space to socialise and interact, along with some planting or screening for privacy.


Of course, sellers can sometimes feel hesitant about investing money in landscaping just before listing a home for sale.


That’s why we propose the following ways to add curb appeal and spruce up the exterior home, with little to no financial outlay.


> Declutter the entrance to the home, from the front gate to the doorstep

> Prune unruly shrubs

> Clear away dead leaves

> Weed flower and garden beds

> Mow the lawn, not forgetting to tidy the edges

> Water-blast pavers and driveways - including the exterior of the house

> Consider adding new soil or mulch for a fresh garden look



It’s best to prioritise efforts that make a significant visual difference, before investing in new plants or major landscape redesign.


For more comprehensive tips on enhancing your home's street appeal, don’t hesitate to get in touch!