Reshaping the market: The rise of sustainable housing



The trend towards sustainable housing is undeniable.


Recent findings from Domain’s Sustainability in Property Report 2022 reveal that homes with energy-efficient features tend to generate greater buyer interest and achieve faster sales than their non-efficient counterparts.


The data shows homebuyers increasingly seek houses that offer intelligent design, power-saving fixtures and eco-friendly attributes.


Domain’s report also highlights that the proportion of homes for sale with ‘sustainable’ keywords in their listing is on the rise, with over half incorporating such terms in their descriptions in 2022.


Of course, aspects like location, affordability, outdoor space and views play a vital role for buyers.


Yet, we’re seeing a clear trend towards ‘sustainable’ factors helping clinch a sale against an equivalent property.


So, when selling, it’s becoming more relevant than ever to consider incorporating eco-friendly features.


Some popular upgrades include integrating smart-home technologies, installing rainwater tanks and upgrading insulation. 


Part of our role as agents is to make sure potential buyers are introduced to the environmentally-conscious elements of your home both in your property’s listing and during inspections.


The same applies to the rental properties we manage.


If improving your home’s sustainability is on the horizon, there’s helpful information on the government’s Victorian Energy Upgrade for households below:


You can also check out Domain’s full report here: